I Have Never...

... played a game without reading the rules before

Never Have I Ever

Never Have...

...is a world wide know party game like "Truth or Dare". You will be asked different - possibly intimate - questions and have to answer them with "I never have" or "I already have". Depending on the game variant all or just a single player has to answer the question. There are no details asked - it's only a "yes" or "no" question. On this page you can find a lot of possible game questions to play. Just click through the page

Let' start - Play "Never Have" now Never Have I Ever questions online

Some possible rules for playing:

  • Play it as a drinking game so everyone who would answer "I already have" has to drink
  • Play it anonymously - collect the answers so that nobody knows who answered what
  • Try to estimate how many "I already have" answers you will get before revealing the answers
  • Think about new questions on you own - you need to dare to ask the intimate questions then
  • Go round - so only one person hast to answer in each round
  • Play with a bottle - only the person the bottle points to hast to answer